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Not a shocking fact, I guess..

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  • Sakura Clicker Casual Clicking Chaos:
    Tried it the same they it showed up on release lists. Sadly, it was…very unabsorbing game. Sure we got tits and girls moaning with each hit. But there’s no substance. And the “shop” is a joke. Practically it sends you off to DLC page, so you can pay dollar or so to see your character standing there, dressed up in bikini, doing nothing heh. So, a simple mobile app design meant to smooch some bucks of ronery and bored folks.

  • Sakura Clicker Casual Clicking Chaos:
    its on steam now – at least in europe idk about the rest of the world it has some paid dlc for 79p each (1 dollar?) with each dlc having 1 hairstyle and one outfit and theres a hair only dlc (which i bought) for the same price

  • Shinmai Testament BD Grabbing More Than Just Attention:
    So whats the fucking point of airing anime this days, when the BD is better anyways. No wonder there is many dooms ayers. Not gonna lie, i only cared about maria fanservice after i read the novel but still too tame on the anime. Most anime now is better on BD so again what the fucking point of airing at all when they even fix it on BD and air tv is rushed so many times now?

  • Sakura Clicker Casual Clicking Chaos:
    i’d be more worried about wearing out my mouse to be honest. most veteran first person shooter players have long since learned to switch fingers to shoot during long matches, and this isnt much different. mouse button switches are far more prone to wearing out than keyboard key switches. looks like a great game to bind a keyboard key for clicking or a full blown automated click program.

  • Sakura Clicker Casual Clicking Chaos:
    release date ? on steam its available and out.. Release Date: 29 Jul, 2015


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