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I agree, I like alot of these models but some of them look way to anorexic for my liking, if you can see their ribs poking thru their chest they need to eat more imo.

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  • Joshikousei no Koshitsuki Superbly Sexy:
    Yay a hentai with girls that do not have cowtits! these are so rare lately.

  • Jutaijima “Foul as Ever”:
    Just because they don’t like cow tits doesn’t mean they like loli/flatties. I like up to maybe high c/d’s anything bigger just doesn’t interest me.

  • Jutaijima “Foul as Ever”:
    There is a hentai with that content that exists? O_o. wtf.

  • Jutaijima “Foul as Ever”:
    I’d not watch this for a simple reason: Girls with tits the size of basketballs just do not interest me, I prefer more normal sizes. Maybe softball sized at best (thats pretty big lol)or a tiny bit bigger, but these girls, how the hell do their backs not give out?

  • Yuri Kuma Arashi “Quite Adorable”:
    Thats because the one that knows is also a bear, what I think is going on is everyone is a bear, but some have decided to make their bear side invisible to live as a human, and the bears bascally prey on those ones since they are a sin to their kind or some crap. Its weird, I have no idea whats really going on other than it seems all the “Yuri” people are really bears.


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