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I agree, I like alot of these models but some of them look way to anorexic for my liking, if you can see their ribs poking thru their chest they need to eat more imo.

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  • Gunslinger Stratos PV Unveiled:
    I think he means more about the useless male beta who has like every girl in the shows cast having the hots for him but he is too chicken, or too damn blind to see what everyone else can see. I am so sick of almost every male (if not every one) MC in anime being like this. Rito from to love-ru is a prime example, all those girls want his D, probally even his little sister, but hes too much of a pussy to even do anything himself. All the ecchi situations he ends up in are always accdients, hes …

  • Gunslinger Stratos PV Unveiled:
    Am I the only one who thinks this anime looks really stupid?

  • Final Fantasy XIV Enables Holy Matrimony:
    My reasons why I always play female chars are these: 1: I like eye candy, staring at a nice female ass is alot better than staring at some guys ass for hundreds of hours. Yes I know how pervy this sounds, but my female chars in these games don’t do anything for me in that sense, even though they are pretty hot. 2: Pretty much every game out there has males for the lead characters, finding a decent game with a female main lead is pretty hard. Outside of like tomb raider, and such. 3: Girls …

  • Kiseijuu Still Pretty Putrid:
    I love this anime because its something diffrent insted of the usual moeblob shit they seem to be spewing out like its going out of style. I like FSN: UBW for the same reason. I should really check out cross ange too. I don’t know about you all but I am tired of thede moeblob slice of life highschool animes that every studio and their mothers seem to be making lately, the girls are cute yes, but thats about all they have usually.

  • Grisaia no Kajitsu Total Drama Anime:
    If you like this anime I HIGHLY reccomend you go thru the visual novel, the anime so far follows the routes pretty closely if not excatly for the major point, however ALOT of stuff was left out of michiru’s route due to time constraints. It’ll prob be the same for the other routes: Amane, Sachi, Yumiko and Makina. For example what happened during amane’s past in the vn took 10+ hours to read and I am a fast reader. You can find it on fuwanovel google it. They have a torrent of it with the eng …


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