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I agree, I like alot of these models but some of them look way to anorexic for my liking, if you can see their ribs poking thru their chest they need to eat more imo.

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  • Idea Factory to US: “We’re Not Censoring Our Games!”:
    Actually they are jealious because people prefer to pretend to date those hot 2d chars over the real life landwhale femnists.

  • Idea Factory to US: “We’re Not Censoring Our Games!”:
    More like most gamers today are pretty much stupid cattle, I mean look at the so called AAA games these days, they are all the exact same game wrapped in a new skin, yet the cattle keep buying them in droves so nothing changes, FPS games I am mainly looking at you.

  • Idea Factory to US: “We’re Not Censoring Our Games!”:
    I don’t even know why they pay attention to a group of people who doesn’t even buy their products in the first place, I’d just ignore them. Censoring will stop fans from buying it, but bitching stupid femnists? they won’t stop any fan from getting it.

  • Trillion: God of Destruction Trailer Wreaks Havoc:
    You do relize this is a trailer right? alot of the disgaea trailers have like maxxed out chars in them to show the insane damage numbers and such. I am sure your not that powerful at the start, but i’ll be honest the game kinda looks.. meh at best, it depends how the gameplay sections are.

  • Valkyria: Azure Revolution Demo Unloads:
    The first game was pretty unique, but I disliked it for one silly reason: the fact you bascally have to leeroy jenkins levels to get the top rating, I just found it pretty stupid. Other than that I felt it was a pretty good game.


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