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I agree, I like alot of these models but some of them look way to anorexic for my liking, if you can see their ribs poking thru their chest they need to eat more imo.

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  • Futabu Mix: Futanari World “Non-Stop Futanari Action!”:
    I personally don’t view having sex with someone of the same gender gay, its just sex, if feelings always needed to be involved hookers would be out of a job. Would I get in a romantic relationship with a guy with feels etc? most defently not as I am not attracted to other guys emotionally. Would I be open to getting boned by a male/female w/strapon/shemale/futa? hmm maybe would need to be talked into it, but i’ll try most anything once. Tbh lesbian porn is pretty boring to watch, futa’s are …

  • Futabu Mix: Futanari World “Non-Stop Futanari Action!”:
    Blame USA, iirc they forced the censorship on japan after the war and they just never stopped it.

  • Tales of Berseria Trailer Truly Teasing:
    Judgeing by the name, I am going to assume the story has to do with something going berserk or something, maybe monsters, via some unexplained reason, and your char goes out to try to find out whats making all the monsters (and possibly people) lose their fucking minds and go berserk. Also to the one who said “not another tales game” What? would you prefer a final fantasy where square just rehashes ff4′s story over and over? There hasn’t been a good ff game since the series left the snes, every …

  • Tales of Berseria Trailer Truly Teasing:
    More games honestly need female main characters, like I have no real interest in FF15 because its just your generic emoboy sasuage fest party, the main char looks like he is emo as fuck too just looking at him. I don’t think its going to sell well without at least 1 or 2 decent looking females on the main chars party. Its almost like they want to cater to the female yaoi fan population with how the game is going.

  • Eroge Artist Ayane Nanami Exposed – As Quite the Belle:
    Kodomo no jikan, one of the famous lolicon manga’s was actually written and drawn by a woman. Dispite all the fan service it has, there is actually a pretty good story behind it all, Rin acts like she does due to a past trauma. Its a good read i’d reccomend it.


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