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And they wonder why they’re sexually abused,lil whores deserve,probably want it deep down,pun intended.

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  • Japan’s JS Have Bags of Style:
    I would cum hard in all their little pussies!!!! I could cum right now!!!!

  • Japan’s JS Have Bags of Style:
    I would cum soooo hard in their little pussies! The would beg me not to stop! I could cum right now!

  • Japan’s JS Have Bags of Style:
    They look hot! My dick is hard right now! With little skirts like that just makes it easier to pull up, slip your dick in, cum, and be able to see cum running down her legs easier!

  • Japan’s JS Have Bags of Style:
    LOL ishiharaaaaaa paper door!!!

  • Japan’s JS Have Bags of Style:
    Guess who’s dressing the kids up this way? The parent, PARTICULARLY the MOTHER who is. We’ve seen it on toddlers and tiara vain mothers trying to live out their lives through their own children. And they dress them in all sorts of shit. This stuff here is pretty common, just regular clothing. Toddlers and Tiara dresses them up like prostitots.

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  • Shomin Sample Rock Hard Comedy:
    That’s the whole point. The MC actually NEED to appear to be homo with fetish for macho because of the plot…so it is slightly different your everyday harem show.

  • Gundam Tekketsu no Orphans Classic Mecha Mayhem:
    u guys forget the 08th MS team?

  • Sword Princess FINE Immensely Voluptuous:
    To me they look like the creator has copied the character designs from Freezing. Blonde with glasses is Satellizer the black haired girl is Rana and the other girl with the long light blonde hair is Elizabeth. Is anyone else noticing this?

  • Yuudachi Bikini Cosplay Takes On Water:
    Enough rejections in life could bring a man to such a sorry state – especially if whales are down right rejecting him as well.

  • Shomin Sample Rock Hard Comedy:
    But you are not from a japanese rural area. Don’t forget, Japan is the world’s #1 paper waster. Outside Kanto and a dozen of the bigger cities, people don’t even know smartphones can connect to internet.


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