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First. Learn what a pedophile means. And i mean the REAL meaning, not the crap the media try to brainwash you with.

Second. You are on Sankaku, you have already relinquished your rights to call yourself normal.

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  • Japan’s JS Have Bags of Style:
    Before you puke up crap like that you should try to figure out the meaning of the word Pedophile, and i don´t mean the Media´s version but the REAL meaning of the word.

  • Japan’s JS Have Bags of Style:
    Well, compared to you who uses a word you don´t even know the meaning of the word “pedos” (and even get the age wrong), i´m Einstein :)

  • Japan’s JS Have Bags of Style:
    Sorry, but yes. With the way you just answered you “look” stupid. And a Pedophile is a person who LOVES children the same way you would love someone your own age. They have no desire to rape them, most of them actually is just as disgusted by people who rape children as you are. And i´m not grouping you in the same category like me. You do it yourself by posting here :)

  • Japan’s JS Have Bags of Style:
    Please try to learn the meaning of the word before you use it. Otherwise you just look stupid :)

  • Japan’s JS Have Bags of Style:
    You are the one who thinks it´s sexy. They think it´s cute and fashionable. You really should check your head with comments like that.

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  • Nekopara Volume 3 Teaser Bountifully Sweet:
    If it had been a stand alone, then probably. But this is the third one in the series and you had small breasted girls in the first 2. The only one missing is Shigure, the MC´s little sister who is a complete brocon, and flatchested.

  • Macross Delta “Tragedy Strikes!”:
    But that still don´t make this idol shit a “Macross” series…. I want a REAL Macross, were the fighting and everyday life is the focus and the singing is more of a minor like in the original :(

  • Resident Evil’s Masachika Kawata on New vs Old:
    RE4 is a Resident Evil game in name only, simply because it went away from the survival and horror aspect and went to be a pure action game with one of the RE characters…. 6 Is the same, it wanted to be a RE game, but failed because it disregarded what made the RE games so loved and continued with the useless action concept. It was a great game and i actually loved how the story was told and how they overlapped with the others, but it was still not a Resident Evil game…

  • Tomohiro Matsu Passes On: “He Will Be Missed!”:
    Not his cousin since since Sora was born from his sisters husband first wife, which died if i remember correctly. And the parents was dead. So your ending is impossible.

  • Tomohiro Matsu Passes On: “He Will Be Missed!”:
    Maybe you should try to read up on what “pedo” means first….. And there was no “pedo undertones” there, they actually took away a lot of those situations in the anime and toned it down. And he got married to his sister´s step-daughter several years after they were allowed to live with him.


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