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First. Learn what a pedophile means. And i mean the REAL meaning, not the crap the media try to brainwash you with.

Second. You are on Sankaku, you have already relinquished your rights to call yourself normal.

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  • Japan’s JS Have Bags of Style:
    Before you puke up crap like that you should try to figure out the meaning of the word Pedophile, and i don´t mean the Media´s version but the REAL meaning of the word.

  • Japan’s JS Have Bags of Style:
    Well, compared to you who uses a word you don´t even know the meaning of the word “pedos” (and even get the age wrong), i´m Einstein :)

  • Japan’s JS Have Bags of Style:
    Sorry, but yes. With the way you just answered you “look” stupid. And a Pedophile is a person who LOVES children the same way you would love someone your own age. They have no desire to rape them, most of them actually is just as disgusted by people who rape children as you are. And i´m not grouping you in the same category like me. You do it yourself by posting here :)

  • Japan’s JS Have Bags of Style:
    Please try to learn the meaning of the word before you use it. Otherwise you just look stupid :)

  • Japan’s JS Have Bags of Style:
    You are the one who thinks it´s sexy. They think it´s cute and fashionable. You really should check your head with comments like that.

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    It was never said outright that they died, they were assumed dead but their bodies was never found. So many fans actually hoped and believed that the parents was still alive somewhere.

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    No children here, both of them are around 16-18 human years, and around 1-2 cat years.

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    Steam don´t allow H-games, so it is the all-ages version, but you if you have bought the game from Steam you can just download the +18 version and copy it over the all-ages version. That way you get the H-scenes and the Steam achievements. If you care about those things…

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    Personally i loved the ending, for once the Mangaka and the studio that made the Anime actually dared to show a taboo like that. And i don´t buy ALL the Kirino figures, but i do buy some of them, and this one is on the wanted list :)

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    Maybe the people who vote take it after the novel and Manga instead of the Anime? She only stays Tsun in the Anime. In the Novel she mellows out quite a bit after Saito dies.


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