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What’s wrong with people? Women aren’t “sluts” just because they choose to wear clothing that doesn’t cover every little bit of skin on their bodies.

Sometimes, outfits that show more skin can be quite stylish or at least be a break from the norm. There are some outfits that show some skin that are tacky, yeah, but people shouldn’t automatically write off people who wear these clothes as sluts just because they incorporated their in skin into their outfit.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

That isn’t to say that we shouldn’t discourage underage girls from wearing those sorts of clothes, but I’m focusing mainly on people over 18 who have to suffer from this sexist treatment just because they have a different taste in clothing.

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  • Japan’s JS Have Bags of Style:
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  • Japan’s JS Have Bags of Style:
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  • Japan’s JS Have Bags of Style:
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  • Japan’s JS Have Bags of Style:
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  • Japan’s JS Have Bags of Style:
    Guess who’s dressing the kids up this way? The parent, PARTICULARLY the MOTHER who is. We’ve seen it on toddlers and tiara vain mothers trying to live out their lives through their own children. And they dress them in all sorts of shit. This stuff here is pretty common, just regular clothing. Toddlers and Tiara dresses them up like prostitots.

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