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You are implying sankom regulars have a sex life? You have much to learn about this place.

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  • “Euthanasia” Stabber Slaughters 19 Patients:
    Natural selection has nothing to do with the place we call nature. It’s just about breeding. Surviving isn’t enough to get to have sex and children. What has changed is the things you need to do to get to breed, nothing else. Natural selection is still taking place.

  • “Euthanasia” Stabber Slaughters 19 Patients:
    Last time I checked Hawking wasn’t mentally disabled. This whole topic is about mentally disabled people, though, isn’t it?

  • “Euthanasia” Stabber Slaughters 19 Patients:
    Just because everyone is too afraid to just kill all those fugitives. Nobody cares for them anyway. We don’t even care for people from our own country. Or city. Or neighborhood.

  • “Euthanasia” Stabber Slaughters 19 Patients:
    Believing stuff doesn’t make it true. Also, believing can be a dangerous thing to do, because it shields you from knowledge. “I believe the earth is flat.” yeah, yeah, whatever. No matter how hard you believe the earth will never become flat. So instead of believing a lie, why don’t you start to work with the truth and go from there?

  • “Euthanasia” Stabber Slaughters 19 Patients:
    Nope, animals do this too. It’s just that education got really fucking bad over the last 40 years so enough people believe whatever is on television.


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