“Nice Work If You Can Get It”: Sex Masseur Busted


Police have arrested the male proprietor of a massage parlour for providing intimate massages to women, in what is said to be the first arrest of its kind in Kanagawa prefecture.

The 51-year-old man operated a massage parlour and aromatherapy centre in central Yokohama, catering to women in need of stress relief, where he worked as a masseur himself.

According to investigators, if the female patron so desired he would extend his massage activities to their nether regions as well.

Police say this was initiated at the explicit behest of the woman, and the service was so much appreciated he boasted many repeat customers.

However, he had managed to open his establishment in one of the (apparently few) areas of central Yokohama which strictly forbid the operation of brothels, and when the authorities somehow got wind of his antics they arrested him.

Possibly not unrelated to his arrest was his being charged with indecent assault several months prior, after a 36-year-old woman who came in for a massage alleged he insisted on touching “the lower half of her body” and providing an unwanted sexual massage.

The premise of male masseurs providing intimate massages for female customer and voyeuristically recording their antics has spawned an entire AV genre in Japan, and it will probably surprise many to learn that it was not a complete invention of the porn industry after all.

Local police say the arrest of a man for the crime is the prefecture’s first, and very unusual nationally as well – though “massage parlours” providing intimate massages to male customers quite possibly outnumber the boring regular kind in Japan.

For his part the masseur admits his wrongdoing and has remorsefully pledged he “will perform only proper massages from now on.”

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