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anyone else here see the first two Madoka movies in theaters? I really hope Aniplex USA does that again for the third one.

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    @YotaruVegeta “That’s between her and the person she cheated on.” Except when the people she slept around with are notable figures related to her career, then it becomes more than just a private matter. Keep in mind, the main reason for this upset is not the fact that she cheated on her boyfriend. Hell, if it was just that, nobody would give a shit, but such isn’t the case. She cheated on him with journalists who’d speak of her “game” (if you wish to call it that) favorably. Obviously, if they …

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    No, that’s far from being true. For one thing, women specifically were never the target (there are several male SJWs who don’t exactly garner favor from GamerGate either; John McIntosh, Ben Kuchera, and Bob Chipman come to mind). Second, GamerGate never advocated death threats and doxing towards their opponents and the community as a whole is quick to condemn anyone who does it (in contrast, people of GamerGate have gotten death threats and doxes from high-standing figures of the other side; in …

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    If given the chance to speak to the general audience of white knights, I’d prefer to ask them WHY they’d wanna get laid by Zoe Quinn. If you’re gonna put your career and all of your credibility on the line for a member of the opposite sex, are you fucking serious about having it be some leftwing extremist with a pisspoor dye job, facial piercings, and a severe hatred of men? Seriously, THIS is the type of person you’d wanna shill out her non-game for, THIS is the type of person you’d cheat on …

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    @ Anon 00:59 Granted, it’s not just the “one line” that he’s responsible for. He also went and further agitated the crowd with his Twitter comment, which perpetuates the gross misconception that everyone in GamerGate is a rape sympathizer (ironically, the games media making such horrible generalizations about their own audience was part of the reason GamerGate got started in the first place, and after a whole year, SJWs are consistently failing to learn this). Though I can agree with you that …

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    In the comments to Funi’s blog, why does this jeffcoatstephen asshole keep bringing up Ghost Stories? Aside from the fact that Funimation didn’t dub it, I’m pretty sure ADV Films got express permission from the Japanese company itself to make a parody dub since the show didn’t do too well in its native country. Not only that, but while Republicans tend to deserve the shit that they get (something I’m sure a good majority of anime viewers could sympathize with such views), I don’t think a cheap …


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