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looking forward to seeing more of Ayase in OreImo. Needs more OreImoRadio~

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  • Takkyuu Musume = Balls Deep Ping Pong Action:
    This show really reminds me of saki. Its all about the ditsy-aloof but humble new kid who owns the competition. Looking forward to continuing this series.

  • Top 20 Anime Characters With The Cutest Accents:
    Basically, anyone who doesnt speak Kanto-ben. lol. look at all them Kansai-ben ppl on this list. lawl.

  • Enkou Shoujo All About Schoolgirls:
    reminds me of Hakoiri Shoujo ~Virgin Territory~, but a good ending?

  • Please Impregnate Me Rife With Adultery:
    if anyone is curious, you play as the father of her husband, but thats not all. The father was her sugar daddy when she was in high school. She broke off her relations with you to do a fresh start after high school and married your son, unknown to her that he is his father, now father-in-law. So im not actually sure this counts as NTR, since she already fucked him loads before she got married and wanted kids. Its kinda sad watching her fuck the husband in order to get pregnant, but the husband …

  • Houkago Initiation 3P BDSM Ero-Anime:
    loved the first half of the episode, the latter half was anti-climatic.


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