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MINAMI-KE season 4 is in the top 5, yay! I’ve been waiting for four years for another studio to redeem the franchise, although MINAMI-KE season 3 from Asread did have some great moments (i.e. curry fairy song).

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  • Korg Unleashes K-ON! Keytar:
    Now I want to see Tsumugi Kotobuki in a crossover keytar jam with Gene Belcher from BOB’S BURGERS.

  • Top 10 Most Unlucky Anime Characters:
    Ataru Moroboshi was the first character I mentioned, but I suspect URUSEI YATSURA is too old school for this list. I mean, Nobita’s from an anime from the same era, but DORAEMON never really went off the air, and I’d wager DRAGONBALL gets shown in reruns a lot more often than UY.

  • Top 10 Most Unlucky Anime Characters:
    I guess the ultimate bad luck character in anime, Ataru Moroboshii from URUSEI YATSURA, is a bit too “old school” for this list. For that matter, Kyosuke Kasuga from KIMAGURE ORANGE ROAD has awesome powers but they rarely ever do him any good and he’s usually put in his place by Madoka Ayukawa, who has no ESPer abilities but a strong will. In modern-ish anime, I gotta go with Hosaka from MINAMI-KE. A lot of his inability to get close to Haruka Minami is his own fault, he’s too wrapped up in his …

  • Shingeki no Kyojin Creator: “Armin is a Girl!”:
    I already thought of Armin as being a trap, and a lot of ecchi artwork seems to agree with me.

  • Top 30 Anime of Summer 2014:
    “to be honest” (EDIT never works for me on this site).


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