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MINAMI-KE season 4 is in the top 5, yay! I’ve been waiting for four years for another studio to redeem the franchise, although MINAMI-KE season 3 from Asread did have some great moments (i.e. curry fairy song).

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  • Top 10 Roles of Megumi Hayashibara:
    I always liked Megumi Hayashibara as All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku back in the day. Also Achika in Tenchi Muyo in Love is Tenchi’s greatest mother in any continuity, and I also liked Megumi as Christine Mackenzie a Gundam pilot (in MSG 0080: War in the Pocket) with an actual realistic-sounding English (okay, Scottish) name.

  • Ero Zemi Ecchi ni Yaru-Ki ni ABC “Reuses Animation”:
    The lucky guy looks disturbingly like Suguru Koshigaya, the silent older brother character on Non Non Biyori. Well, maybe it is and he just got tired of living in a village where most of the girls over 13 are his own sisters. The girl with the glasses is essentially Sawako Yamanaka, the club advisor and later teacher from K-On!, except with bigger bewbs.

  • Pettanko Goddess “Flat As A Cutting Board”:
    That looks like Elmer’s glue in the final photo. Do they sell Elmer’s glue in Japan? If not Elmer’s, some other brand of white glue that does not look like actual semen.

  • Top 10 Ideal Anime Teachers:
    If you’re into the hands-off teacher style of learning, Kazuho Miyauchi from Non Non Biyori would be kind of ideal; she mostly just sleeps while her students do their own thing and, even when she’s awake, she’s more like chaperone than a teacher since all the students in her classroom are in different grades and are each following their own curriculum.

  • Haruhi: “Now Teaching English to Students”:
    Japan doesn’t really do April Fool’s Day to the same extent as the English-speaking world. It’s being printed in April because that’s the beginning of the school year in Japan.


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