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MINAMI-KE season 4 is in the top 5, yay! I’ve been waiting for four years for another studio to redeem the franchise, although MINAMI-KE season 3 from Asread did have some great moments (i.e. curry fairy song).

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  • Top 10 Twintailed Anime Girls:
    I almost listed “RuriRuri” myself but I kinda wanted to limit myself to anime I’ve seen within the past 15 years. I don’t think I’ve watched any NADESICO except for the movie since the turn of the century.

  • Top 10 Twintailed Anime Girls:
    Poor Renge Miyauchi from NON NON BIYORI is sad that she got ignored. As sad as she was when Honoka went back to Tokyo. As sad as she was when “Flatty-san” died. I’m also fan of Kana Minami from MINAMI-KE, Sasami/Pretty Sammy from the TENCHI MUYO multiverse, Miu Matsuoka from ICHIGO MASHIMARO (obviously), and, more recently, Chinatsu Kuramoto from FLYING WITCH and Machi Amayadori from KUMAMIKO: GIRL MEETS BEAR if over-the-shoulder twintails count (although some official KUMAMIKO anime magazine …

  • Top 10 Video Games That Deserve An Anime:
    I dunno if KINGDOM HEARTS would be a good fit for anime, what with all the Disney content, though I suppose Disney did have that Japanese branch that did the grunt work for the 1980s/1990s afterschool syndicated TV cartoons like DUCK TALES, RESCUE RANGERS, and BONKERS. Or, more precisely, farmed out that grunt work to independent Japanese anime studios like TMS. LEGEND OF ZELDA is the all-time perennial top (or near top) choice on these lists but I have a feeling it would be one of those …

  • Top 10 Sega Games, Revivals & Characters:
    I have 2006 on PS2 but I also bought OUTRUN 2 for XBox, which I had to play on my 360 because I didn’t have an original XBox but there’s a fatally-annoying audio glitch when playing it on XBox 360, once you get the screeching tire noise looping it never stops, even if you start a new game. I eventually got an original XBox from a Value Village thrift store for ~$10 although I later found out that one reason it was such a low price is that it has a tendency to “freeze”. So, basically, if I want …

  • Top 10 Sega Games, Revivals & Characters:
    On one hand, I’m a bit dismayed that OUTRUN, my top Sega franchise, doesn’t feature in these polls. On the other hand, Sega probably wouldn’t be able to afford the Ferrari license again without someone (maybe Nintendo?) backing them up (likely in exchange for console exclusivity) and I wouldn’t want a new OUTRUN game without Ferrari in it.


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