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I just finished Ore no Imouto (literally, just 15 minutes ago).
It was really fun, and I just can’t wait for season two.

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  • Top 20 Most Anticipated Anime Sequels of 2013:
    “Ookami to Koushinryou because you’d just be bleeding for more.” I’d say that’s a VERY good thing! It doesn’t apply to me though, because I’m already bleeding for more since season two ended.

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  • Hatsune Miku Diva Project F 2nd Heading Westward:
    It’s a reference to when Bergsala, the Nordic distributor of a lot of the games released, decided to no release Dead or Alive: Dimensions in Sweden, Norway and Denmark because it could be in violation of child pornography laws in those countries.

  • Top 20 Anime of the 21st Century:
    In contrast to other anime with transformation scenes, It’s not in every episode. In the first season it’s shown in ep 1,3,4,6 and 7. In all the other episodes Nanoha either starts the relevant scene transformed, or transforms instantly. In A’s there’s only two full transformation sequences, in episode 1 and 4. There’s two minor transformation sequences in ep 3 and 12, but that’s it. Strikers follow the same pattern, with only three or four episodes containing transformations out of 26, giving …

  • Top 15 Anime Representative of the 90s:
    Slayers needs to be higher, though I’m glad to see all three seasons on the list. Though I’m missing Trigun, Outlaw Star and Crest of the Stars.

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    Even though U-233 is the actual isotope fissioning, it is derived through neutron capture by Th-232. You only need a seed to start the process, since the neutron balance is positive, meaning more U-233 is created from Th-233 than is required to sustain the reactor. So for all intents and purposes, thorium is the fuel. And no thorium molten salt reactors do not produce waste with half-lives in the hundreds of years, unless you meant that it takes a few hundred years for it to be safe, then you …

  • Miku Party 2012 – “Our Angel is Cuter Than Ever!”:
    The crowning moment of the entire concert was towards the end, when they played Uta ni Katachi wa nai Keredo. The tuning of the song was just out of this world! It was the most amazing, breathtaking, perfect and, well, just about any other superlative you can think of. If you only watch one video from the entire concert, it must be that song (It’s the song where she wears the outfit in image #61).


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