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If you took inflation into account, those numbers are mostly negative, since dollar inflation out-paces their growth by large. Point is not nominal growth, but how it is measured against the dollar. Even when there is growth, it is negated by extremely aging population and shrinking workforce. Where as for US, the lost ground is quickly regained and expansion and recession are healthily cyclical, as is expected of market economy. We were also due another big recession/depression by now, and financial crisis was by comparison moderate and a good wake up call for many people. It was severe, but not as unmanageable or impossible. US had the foundation and infrastructure in place to weather the storm. Unfortunately for our European friends, they did not. But I am sure US can help out in ways you cannot since security and prosperity of Europe is tied to security and economic benefits of US. Now if only europe would get its act together and stop being so damn bitchy towards us we might just be friendlier.

Also, you did take my statement about shale oil the wrong way. It is but a portion of what the influence of US can reach, and all the taxes and revenues can help further renewable and economical resources in the future. We are now providing those resources to select allies and nations who can make a fair deal with us. Also when importing oil we pay fair dollars for those resources, but apparently many oil exporting nations do not like to share their wealth with the nation but horde it all to their own private accounts.

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  • Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!”:
    Solar, water and wind are too dependent on randomness of weather (for storage, giant batteries and inverters are far more expensive than nuclear) and also produce less kilowatts than thermal plants.

  • Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!”:
    Within 1 month the incident happened there were already rumors about human factors. I doubted it at first as there were not much proof. But records of discussions reviewed that humans did contributed to the worsening of situation.

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    A country is huge. Green energy can be used at various spots to reduce the demand. It’s the general trend and is especially important in areas having high earthquake risk. Even the US is moving towards it. The goal is not to eliminate whatever type of energy but to choose the best within a defined area, not only considering the cost.

  • Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!”:
    Lol who has a feeling Japan is just going to turn into a radioactive melt-down island in the future!

  • Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!”:
    Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!” –they never learn….or he really wants a better fallout

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