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I’d love to say nuclear energy is entirely viable, but as soon as humans step into the theory, things start running very differently. Over here in Germany we constantly get alerts because nuclear waste is tossed in random abandoned salt mine shafts, sometimes dangerously close to ground water.
Additionally, we got something of an energy monopoly agreement between a few highly powerful companies here, and politicians are eager to change laws for them so their security checks get less tedious or happen more rarely, allowing them to run with ancient unsafe (and cheap) tech. If you want to sell energy cheaply, you cut corners everywhere and just stop giving a damn at some point.

In theory we could all do it like Sweden, but in praxis this shit’s ridiculous. It’s not even about powerplants blowing up, it’s about the waste. We already got a giant fucking waste problem on this globe that proves we can’t handle it at all, and now it’s getting radioactive on top of things.

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  • Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!”:
    Solar, water and wind are too dependent on randomness of weather (for storage, giant batteries and inverters are far more expensive than nuclear) and also produce less kilowatts than thermal plants.

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    Within 1 month the incident happened there were already rumors about human factors. I doubted it at first as there were not much proof. But records of discussions reviewed that humans did contributed to the worsening of situation.

  • Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!”:
    A country is huge. Green energy can be used at various spots to reduce the demand. It’s the general trend and is especially important in areas having high earthquake risk. Even the US is moving towards it. The goal is not to eliminate whatever type of energy but to choose the best within a defined area, not only considering the cost.

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    Lol who has a feeling Japan is just going to turn into a radioactive melt-down island in the future!

  • Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!”:
    Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!” –they never learn….or he really wants a better fallout

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