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Did you miss the whole point about ‘sustainable’ environment development? Or are you so coked up in ‘evil factory’ vs. ‘pure and awesome trees’ childish bull shit that you can’t see reality?

People have learned that it is not only miserable but also extremely UNECONOMICAL in the long run to ruin the environment for a short term gain. You can’t deplete the soil for a good haul one year and hope to live off that land for too long. That means that industry/energy and environment actually go hand in hand. Except for fucktarded nations like china, developed nations have learned this lesson.

You also did not read about how tech innovations work, and are too narrow-minded with persecution complex to imagine any thing other than a zero-sum game. I never said the pie could not be enlarged, amusing how you jumped to conclusions based on infantile wailing about ‘you tooook our stuuuufff’.
US economy is resilient enough to withstand direct depression and recessions as it has been proven again and again. I cannot say the same for multiple nations whose corruption alone negates much of their economic successes for the public.

Everyone gets a turn getting the short end, but there is a plenty of difference between those grabbing them. Issue is political and economical, and unfortunately for you, US has great deal of power in both areas. Don’t worry, we won’t be as stingy or ungenerous as if china or middle east was reigning as #1 super power in the world.

Bitching about US is one sure sign the writer is a soft ass fuck who never lived through some of the harshest times in recent human history. Comparing US faults to others is like comparing petty speeding driver to a homicidal maniac on a bull dozer razing 12 houses and killing 200 people in the process. Get some perspective under your belt then open your mouth about world affairs.

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  • Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!”:
    Solar, water and wind are too dependent on randomness of weather (for storage, giant batteries and inverters are far more expensive than nuclear) and also produce less kilowatts than thermal plants.

  • Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!”:
    Within 1 month the incident happened there were already rumors about human factors. I doubted it at first as there were not much proof. But records of discussions reviewed that humans did contributed to the worsening of situation.

  • Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!”:
    A country is huge. Green energy can be used at various spots to reduce the demand. It’s the general trend and is especially important in areas having high earthquake risk. Even the US is moving towards it. The goal is not to eliminate whatever type of energy but to choose the best within a defined area, not only considering the cost.

  • Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!”:
    Lol who has a feeling Japan is just going to turn into a radioactive melt-down island in the future!

  • Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!”:
    Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!” –they never learn….or he really wants a better fallout

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