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Bitch please. Contracting GDP and ping pong growth IS recession. Graph doesn’t have to sink like a rock in order for the economy to be that bad. Did you even check whether your data is inflation adjusted? Or know that upward trend is not indicative of overall picture? “Constantly in recession for the 23 years”. Check your facts about their GDP growths each year. Decreasing total GDP is recession, and there have been more than few for japan, where as for US except for the recent crisis, was never a ping pong economy, but rather cyclical with 16 or 20 something year period.

Please, learn your facts. Economical factor is part of the technical problem. When technology is such that returns are not worth the cost, then technical and economical problems go hand in hand. Saudi Arabia is not as rich in oil as it was before, and that is a fact. In fact, they are pumping more water and chemicals into the sand just to scrape up some more out of rapidly depleting reserves, compared to other places in the world where oil is booming. There is a growing evidence many OPEC nations have over inflated their oil reserve estimate, with some by as much as 200% to 400% of their actual reserves.

Who said it was ‘last resort’ for US to tap the shale oil. It is only another useful card in the long line of far-seeing policies that are quietly being implemented by wise and silent functionaries as geo politics follow a predictable path, at least in terms of energy consumption. As far as I know, with US controlling 50 to possibly 73% of the entire world’s shale oil reserves (reserves in china have not been proven to be either economical or as plentiful), power dynamic of geo politics is about to change a bit.

Should shale oil run out, we always have technological advancement we can unveil at the right moment. Not too many were sure whether we could use shale tech either and many experts from japan and other countries tried to call US bluff on shale oil. They are feeling pretty cold at the moment :)

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  • Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!”:
    Solar, water and wind are too dependent on randomness of weather (for storage, giant batteries and inverters are far more expensive than nuclear) and also produce less kilowatts than thermal plants.

  • Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!”:
    Within 1 month the incident happened there were already rumors about human factors. I doubted it at first as there were not much proof. But records of discussions reviewed that humans did contributed to the worsening of situation.

  • Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!”:
    A country is huge. Green energy can be used at various spots to reduce the demand. It’s the general trend and is especially important in areas having high earthquake risk. Even the US is moving towards it. The goal is not to eliminate whatever type of energy but to choose the best within a defined area, not only considering the cost.

  • Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!”:
    Lol who has a feeling Japan is just going to turn into a radioactive melt-down island in the future!

  • Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!”:
    Abe: “We Need More Nuclear Reactors!” –they never learn….or he really wants a better fallout

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