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I would love to see more Chrome Shelled Regios but I liked Kaze no Stigma, but I would rather it stay a memory with its author.

Also more The World God Only Knows.

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  • Anime Face Generator “Thousands of Possibilities!”:
    “you clearly sound like you work there” Ha! Fair comment I guess, but nah. Like that other anon says, I’m just a bit of a fanboy for neural network technology and it’s potential. On the surface this anime face generator here might just be a cool toy with some obvious flaws, but mark my words, the overall machine learning technology behind it will be changing our lives in profound ways we’ve not yet imagined. Might sound silly, especially being written on Sankaku, but wait and see. :)

  • Swamp Stamp Sleeps Around:
    Soon all women will bow to the best dick on Earth…Black dick…lol!

  • Top 20 Franchises With The Most Doujinshi at Comiket 92:
    Well, Touhou had utterly dominated Comiket for years, to the point that it needed it’s own dedicated convention and had numerous confederations of circles sharing tables. It’s only fairly recently that Kancolle suddenly emerged to steal it’s thunder. So in this case it might be more fitting to call it a… KANKOLLE HYJACK.

  • Lusty Clothespin Goddess “In Quite the Pinch”:
    You mean like 9-10 years old girls?

  • Lusty Clothespin Goddess “In Quite the Pinch”:
    Old hags. Post naturally bald pussies pls.


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