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Nope. That was canon. It was written by the author himself but they just didn’t put it in the official publication. They even shouted this out in the anime.

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    “Hur dur this is Japanese propaganda” So, like most anime then? There really isn’t a single anime where a Japanese teenager or the government is somehow more competent than the rest of the planet. Not as different as American macho films, but at least those are self aware of their patriotic sillyness. It’s just a cartoon; I doubt most people will take this seriously.

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    America, bro. Can you stop making people mad? We gotta live with you. -Canada

  • To Love-Ru Darkness As Unprincipaled As Ever:
    he would just suck on the tail. Lala wouldn’t stand a chance once that happens. I have a feeling the Principle or that odd looking dude with the bowl haircut and glasses, and weird lips will be the unexpected final bad guy.

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    @21:27 what economy? The US and Russia were the only ones making any money, and Russia’s only export was human casualties apparently. There wasnt any during the war for sure. And yes. Holy fuck it takes a heart of gold to rebuild a country of genocidal maniacs and their enablers, and a country who thought the rape of Nanking was a Japanese duty, led by an emperor who starved his country and decided that us completely obliterating a city wasnt serious. Fuck you, America and its Allies could have …

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