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Very much so. Chrome Shelled Regios would also need to continue. I wouldn’t mind more Kaze no Stigma, either, but apparently the author died, so that’s impossible.

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  • School Milk Banned “For Destroying Japanese Culture”:
    So, the place is a strong rice producer and that’s why they banned milk. Obviously this means milk was replaced with a rice beverage: sake. Unhappy students suddenly disappeared from that town’s schools.

  • April Fools’ with Eroge Developers:
    Maybe that’ll happen a few decades from now when the first dating sim/eroge players will be geezers themselves.

  • Facebook Buys Oculus Rift: “The Ultimate Sellout”:
    Yeah. Though I wasn’t a backer, I was still quite interested in Oculus Rift after everything I had read, but now I couldn’t use it even if I wanted because I don’t have a Facebook account.

  • Fate/stay night 2014 PV Arrives:
    I suppose that would make sense. But at the same time it would piss me off if my favourite route, UBW, got the bloody slide show movie that made absolutely no justice to the story, and my least favourite route, HF, got a whole series with a big budget. Of course I’ll gleefully watch this, no matter what it’s going to be, though.

  • Top 50 Classic Anime:
    I actually keep watching quite a few of the shows falling under the types I listed, and some of them rise to my favourites, such as Mondaijitachi. Character design wise I also like contemporary shows more than those from the past. I dare say voice acting is many times better and more professional now, as well.


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