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No, it’s all life style. I’m a Chinese, most pp at my age have done some at 80’s, or even 90’s, well, apparently some still doing it.
It’s not parenting, cos all elders will tell you to piss of side walk when you say “mommy I need to pee”, at that time, theres absolutely no idea what a public toilet is. But I won’t do it at public , some of my friends won’t.
When thinking back, all of those who won’t do shit/pee at public, all have a Ample life, some have money (witch actually not by much, cos when no body have money, and you have 10$, you are bloody rich),most are government employees(when you are, your life are guaranteed)
when you have a bright and clean home–and future you tend not to shit everywhere.
when you living in a shit hole, wondering what the f-ck Future is, you tend to not care anything.
And now time, most pp living a shit hole, and this shit hole cost all your life saving to get. Watching other pp on TV or Internet having there future, you tend to have a weird head about anything.

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