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Also: Growing up in the US, if you’re a toddler and you need to take a piss while going somewhere, your folks can pull off of the freeway at a McDonald’s somewhere and let you handle your business. China has a lot more drivers now than it did a decade ago, but cars are still an unattainable luxury for many. I’d imagine that if you’re one of the people who has to take public transportation to get around, moving a fussy, diaper-less toddler off of a train, out of a jam-packed station, onto the street and into a mall or a McDonald’s restroom before they shit all over you is an S-rank, achievement-unlocked fucking challenge, haha.

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    @anon11:29 I live in China year-round, with about half of it on the mainland. I see this happen on trains, buses, sidewalks, in parks, shopping malls, etc., but largely outside of major metropolitan areas. When asking folks why this is acceptable, the responses are that diapers are viewed as being bad for the baby’s skin too hot, unclean/unhealthy, etc. This opinion is held more by the older generations of Chinese than modern parents, but … the older generations are the ones doing the lion’s …

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    She could still make it into Valentine chocolate and distribute it her adoring fans.

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    Thailand has more ping-pong porn that your eyes can handle.

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    If they’re smart and like making money, they would market it to both. Men may watch more pornography, but the gap is quickly closing. The amount of women watching internet porn, for example, has shot up by 300% since 2010. It’s not like it would need to be tailored to women in some special way, either. Rape, as fantasy, is something that men and women can agree on. For men it’s the sexual abundance that’s attractive. For women, it’s a man being so overcome with lust for a woman that they can’t …

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    I think that people are entitled to their opinions about what makes for good erotica. It’s fine with me if it’s not the OP’s bag. I just mean that there is a market for this kind of material. My wife would watch this.

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    Rape or near-rape are the most common sexual fantasies among females, with two thirds reporting that they fantasize about it regularly. So, it’s not as though it’s a one sided fetish. I would imagine that the content is dictated by the market. If this is what people want and what sells, then it’s what will be made.


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