Comment on China’s Top 10 Worst Train Manners: “2. Defecating in Train” by Wilhem:

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You are being rude to animals. Most animals wouldn’t do what the people on these photos are doing…

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  • Nintendo: “We Have Mastered Unreal Engine 4”:
    You can do it even on PC or PS4 you know it’s called self control and moderation ^^

  • Akiba’s Trip Ceaselessly Strips:
    If you’re talking about the “maid” from Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undress (AKA Akiba’s Strip II) the anime isn’t based on this one (and I don’t think it is based on the first game either) and it has a completely different cast of characters.

  • Top 10 Most Sold Cosplay Outfits of 2016:
    And I bet most of those “cosplay outfits” were bought by men in their 30’s/40’s lol ^^.

  • Comiket 91 Cosplay Still Sexily Scanty:
    Geez when I see how non cosplayers are dressed and how cosplayers are dressed I’m feeling cold for the cosplayers… Still lots of good looking cosplays and cosplayers ^^.

  • New Code Geass Project & Films Announced:
    I’m feeling mixed about this… Could be good or more likely it’ll not be that good or downright bad and disgust people who like me enjoyed Code Geass… I really hope it will be good and not a crappy cash grab…


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