Comment on China’s Top 10 Worst Train Manners: “2. Defecating in Train” by Anonymous:

3rd world, really? Maybe developing, but certainly not under developed.

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  • Zankyou no Terror Truly Explosive:
    Tell that to Attack on Titan

  • Amorous Angel Cosplay by NonSummerJack:
    Not that I have anything against transexuals, but I’m just so damn curious to know if this is a tranny or not. (S)he has narrow hips, wide shoulders, a masculine face, and even her/his wrists and hands are sharp and manly, which is usually the biggest giveaway of a person’s sex. I just really want to know!

  • Free! Eternally Rotten:
    I can sincerely say I love this site, and it’s coverage of Free! is part of the reason. There’s no site quite like it.

  • Zankyou no Terror Truly Explosive:
    then who cares? at least one episode looked this awesome, which is more than most anime can say… i’d keep watching if there’s other reasons to keep watching.. i wouldn’t even expect the whole seriies to look as good as a theatrical release, anyways… this should all work out even better for someone who isn’t expecting more from it than they know they should be

  • Zankyou no Terror Truly Explosive:
    how so?


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