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I can agree on,
5. Not taking highly inflammable, explosive or radioactive materials onto the train.

It’s always annoying when I’m trying to take a shit on the train and someone decides to sit next to me with a case full of Plutonium. No manners at all.

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  • Practice Makes Perfect…:
    doesnt matter when it was that they make a kind of big step forward, but fact is they become suddenly good for understanding something, not for practise

  • Practice Makes Perfect…:
    ofc you need some time to test your knowledge, but without it practise is even completly useless

  • Practice Makes Perfect…:
    wrong. its not about practise at all. did you notice all of them has shitty drawings for the most time, than suddenly in the last two years they become really good like making a really big step forward. THAT is alone because of the theoretical knowledge they obtained, practise has nothing to do with it. without the knowledge they would draw another 10 years very bad

  • Frontier of Sister Indulgence “Has More Than Just H”:
    it was used because it was the best graphic possible there wouldnt be any 8bit games if good graphic would be avaible at that time, for retro games if they are fun is 8 bit legit. but for porn its complete bullshit

  • Frontier of Sister Indulgence “Has More Than Just H”:
    lol 8 bit porn is bullshit


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