Comment on China’s Top 10 Worst Train Manners: “2. Defecating in Train” by Conduit:

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Yep, this is what you get when you have a 3rd world mentality in a 1st world environment.

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  • Frilly Gokou Ruri Cosplay by Little Neko Azusa:
    God damn, she looks so much like a doll I want to take her home and display her on a shelf.

  • Pokemassacre Averted:
    Honestly this screams, “suicide by cop” to me, it really doesn’t make sense otherwise.

  • Pokemassacre Averted:
    If you actually knew anything about the NRA you would know that they would blame the actual gun men for the crimes they committed. Attempting to blame scapegoats instead of the actual criminals doesn’t work, it never has and it never will. As long as idiots like you continue to insist on blaming convenient scapegoats instead of taking a good hard look at why these people are turning into murderous psychopaths in the first place, they will just keep appearing and killing no matter how many bans …

  • NTRed Cuckold Severs & Flushes Adulterer’s Penis:
    “As his victim was only a man, his crime also amounts to no more than common assault – likely carrying a 3-5 year sentence and the possibility of 10 million yen in damages, probably not proving much comfort to his irreversibly emasculated victim.” And now we see exactly why the husband chose retribution against his wife’s lover instead of against his wife. Why risk life in prison for beating and mutilating your wife when you can get a slap on the wrist for beating and mutilating her lover …

  • NTRed Cuckold Severs & Flushes Adulterer’s Penis:
    SO violence against women is only acceptable if your life is in danger but violence against men is perfectly acceptable any time you feel wronged for any reason? Yeah thats not a blatantly bullshit double standard at all…


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