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In spite of what any one individual may think about the rightness or wrongness of any given action or attitude any society may adopt, that society is what it is: a group of people who mostly share a core group of values, morals, and ideas on what is acceptable or not; what is good or not; what is right or not. Every single member will not agree completely on every single aspect, but what they do agree on, even if only partly and even if only some of them, comes out as a collection of the dos and don’ts (written and unwritten) of that society.

For the Japanese, that means that tattoos are for the Yakuza. It’s not the truth, but that’s how they believe. Yes, some of them realize that elsewhere in the world it’s not like that and they now want to have tattoos that are just art to be admired, but those people aren’t living elsewhere in the world, they are living in Japan. And the same thing goes for idols, sex, and idols having sex. It might not be fair or make good common sense, but that’s how it is. In time it will change, but not until their society as whole makes that change.

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  • AKB48′s Yuka Masuda Quits Over Sex Scandal:
    Idols are meant to be “dream girlfriends.” They belong to you in heart, spirit, and fantasy, but not in the flesh. If you’re a girl, you’re supposed to think, “I wanna be just like her…” and if you’re a guy, you’re supposed to think, “I wanna girl just like her…” And then you’re supposed to go out and buy all her songs and buy everything she’s been commanded to advertise, recommend, and use.

  • AKB48′s Yuka Masuda Quits Over Sex Scandal:
    Maybe this was the only way for her to “break” her contract soon enough to take best advantage of those opportunities without invoking any adverse legal repercussions.

  • AKB48′s Yuka Masuda Quits Over Sex Scandal:
    In a way, public celebrities of just about any stripe are always “on the clock” even when they’re not really working. The public often tries to watch them even when (and especially when) they don’t want to be watched.

  • AKB48′s Yuka Masuda Quits Over Sex Scandal:
    If you have a tattoo, you’re with the Yakuza. You’re not interfering with their sex life, you’re stopping them from spreading STDs, committing fornication & adultery, having unplanned pregnancies, acquiring reputations as cheap sluts & whores (women) or faithless & womanizing dogs (men), and in general just showing people what a considerate, moral, caring, just, and upstanding person you really are. And nothing at all to do with any shame or insecurities about your own sexual …

  • AKB48′s Yuka Masuda Quits Over Sex Scandal:
    That’s just the Republicans playing political games with the Democrats so it doesn’t count.

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