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Who the fuck cares about your cultural values and how you think your way of thinking is the right way.

Japan have their cultures and you have yours, get off this site since you seem to not be able to stand Japan’s culture.

Japan have a history of only Yakuza and people in the underground business get tatoos.
And anybody who is weak minded that need to rely on a tatoo to keep them sane and on track, or not being able tell that a tatoo is some meaning less act of impulse and will stay with them the rest of their lives, should not be in charge of handling other citizen’s lives, cuz they can’t even get their own lives straight.

Idol is a profession. If you have singing abilities you are a singer. If you have acting abilities you are an actress. Idol have the looks but the rest is not professional enough to be called a singer nor actor nor whatever. Idol is a profession to sell an image of purity, so yes you are not allowed to date or have sex. You are not supposed to let people find out, it is part of your job description that you are selling a dream and phantasy to the otakus who have awkward time with women.

Either way, they are just being professional about their jobs.

You don’t live in Japan so it doesn’t affect you anyway. They are a successful country that they are now because of their general culture of professionalism about everything. Japan is not forcing you to like their country anyway. So just get off the site if you don’t like it.

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  • AKB48’s Yuka Masuda Quits Over Sex Scandal:
    damn u r an idiot, she was akb member, after her scandal there will be no place for her anymore in show biz, except for AV.

  • AKB48’s Yuka Masuda Quits Over Sex Scandal:
    The “freshness seal” that is so coveted is simply overrated. Woopty doo you now have hymen blood on your ding dong. Sexually competent women are more fun anyway.

  • AKB48’s Yuka Masuda Quits Over Sex Scandal:
    SO is she from da hood now? She made the first step by dating a gangsta pok gai, didn’t she?

  • AKB48’s Yuka Masuda Quits Over Sex Scandal:
    ISSA, huh? I wonder if Yuka Masuda thinks that the end Justiφ’s the means? :P

  • AKB48’s Yuka Masuda Quits Over Sex Scandal:
    07:27 > Implies they are adults when thy join > has no idea how grooming works I also find your news person analogy hilarious. Hilariously bad, that is. On the one hand, being recruited into a job where you’re required to behave unnatural and having to quit because you ended up behaving natural after all. On the other, entering a completely normal job and having to quit because you did something unethical. DOES NOT COMPARE Also, as others said, for a girl as actually talented as her it’s …

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