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You’ve made a nice little speech there, Pyrus, but I’ve had my fair share of conversations with lawyers and politicians. Just because you will phrase something in a slightly different matter doesn’t mean that you are correct.

Let me give you a hint here:
You paint a car black, or you paint it yellow. You paint something on a canvas, or you paint something on a piece of paper. You draw on a piece of parchment or you draw on skin. It’s not such a hard concept to understand, is it? Having tattoos might imply connection to certain layers of society (this can be easily be seen in the street gangs of the Western countries, as well as already mentioned Yakuza), but that doesn’t change the fact that it is art; everybody does art, and only a minority does it to display faction affiliation. Most people make pictures because they are fun, not because they want the world to know about their evil schemes against the society.

If you want to prevent STDs from spreading, and unwanted pregnancies, you start a marketing campaign for a contraceptive.

As for adultery, I must point out that sex life is important to every mammal specie’s functioning. For humans it goes even further- it is deeply connected to our psyche on a deeper level. There is a large number of psychological illnesses that are derived from a lack of normal sexual functioning. If there was enough quality sex in a relationship, there wouldn’t be a need for committing adultery.

The Japanese are functioning on obsolete moral values that simply cannot sustain a modern society.

Japan needs more personal freedoms, not less.

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