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Do explain how having tattoos is immoral, and discriminating against them is not.

Also, do explain the morality of interfering with other people’s sex life.

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  • AKB48’s Yuka Masuda Quits Over Sex Scandal:
    You’ve made a nice little speech there, Pyrus, but I’ve had my fair share of conversations with lawyers and politicians. Just because you will phrase something in a slightly different matter doesn’t mean that you are correct. Let me give you a hint here: You paint a car black, or you paint it yellow. You paint something on a canvas, or you paint something on a piece of paper. You draw on a piece of parchment or you draw on skin. It’s not such a hard concept to understand, is it? Having tattoos …

  • AKB48’s Yuka Masuda Quits Over Sex Scandal:
    Welcome to Japan, a peace loving country where having tattoos gets you banned from the beach, and having sex gets you fired!

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