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Completely agree. AKB48 doesn’t sell music, they sell images. And the most important thing on that kind of business is the image of the idols. If she were to be known as a non-virgin woman, it’ll be the end of her carreer, because of the fans that “support” her pretty much own her life, and they will NOT buy her image if she were a “second-hand” woman.

So, since the agency doesn’t want to pay an idol that does not sell (or maybe not good enought to be profitable), the agency dismisses her.

Apparently, for the idols in AKB48, is more important their business than their own lives. And apparently, for the fans of AKB48, is more important the body of the idol than the music she “sings”. So, both the agency and the fans can go screw themselves.
And the idols just need to get some damn self-respect.

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