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If it’s any consolation, Yoko Kanno did compose Platinum for Maaya Sakamoto.

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  • Littlewitch Romanesque English Released:
    Yeah… I only tend to remember CNN starting that fire; Fox News didn’t even join in. Could be wrong though. In fact, remember the passing of the “youth health” ordinance in Tokyo Prefecture? CNN had stories denouncing the ordinance because it didn’t outright ban ecchi anime & manga. As far as I’m concerned, your worry list should be: SJWs > CNN > Fox News

  • Shonen Jump Blasts Loli Ban: “Don’t Kill Manga!”:
    Why am I not surprised to see a gun-grabber here. Trying to ban ‘x’ guns is about the same as wanting to ban non-real lolis and all types of abortion. Fuck off slaver.

  • Loli Ban Not Rejected:
    Um, no.

  • Loli Ban Not Rejected:
    Actually, this bill was to close some necessary holes in the law that still allowed for CP to be transferred on technicalities. However, it’s so over-arching, that it covers anime/manga/galge/eroge/etc that has noting to do with CP at all. Maybe it was written that way to cover the LDP’s move to go after these industries while getting CP loopholes plugged up. Either way, this bill should be rejected and re-written to ONLY plug the holes that still allow for CP to be transmitted/shared, period.

  • “Top 10 Mistakes Foreign Guys Make With Japanese Girls”:
    Misogynist detected!


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