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Let us not forget the Norio Wakamoto version of the Lucky Star opening:

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    The animation is awful. If you even want to call it that. Lots of pans and zooms with no changes in the frame. Lazy …

  • Shingeki no Kyojin Megane Mikasa “Cooler Than Ever”:
    New series: Attack on Hipster

  • Otaku Busted for “Criminally Cute” IdolMaster Credit Card:
    New series: Attack on Hipster

  • PS4 Launch “Flawless”:
    The fan was not really the issue, it was RoHS solder. Designers now know how to cope better with what was then a relatively new process. RoHS solder still sucks, but not as bad.

  • PS4 Launch “Flawless”:
    Not really a dick move, it is just what is required to move on. The 360 had a powerpc based processor, the PS3 has the cell. The powerpc is kind of at a dead end and the cell was a nightmare to develop and develop for. So both went to a x86 based processor which will be better in the end. Expecting PS3 or 360 game to work on one of the new machines would be like expecting old mac apps to work on a new pc. First gen PS3 did backwards compatibility by including the Emotion chip in the PS3. This …


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