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(/・ω・)/Lets にゃー!

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  • Top 25 Anime Theme Songs:
    I missed that. Seems like the more i look at this list, the more Claris songs are removed, Kalafina is good too.

  • Top 25 Anime Theme Songs:
    I dont think i liked any of Yui/Aki’s singing solo, her pitch is too high for my enjoyment. Singing along with Sphere though is fine, levels off.

  • Top 25 Anime Theme Songs:
    theres actually some quality songs on here. Ill have to accept this list kinda. I dont accept: Chuunibyou, Naisho no hanashi (as much to my dismay <3 Claris), and Scarlet Bullet (again, much to my dismay <3 May'n)

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