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rei or yui? <3

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  • Berserk 2016 Pucking Gruesome:
    i dislike the 3d, but about the framerate it’s actually the oposite. In KoS for example the 3D was at 60fps, if you view it in a mid quality rip you won’t see the movement at all.

  • Berserk 2016 Pucking Gruesome:
    This. The movies too used mix of 3D and 2D shots. The 2D shots of the movies were really really beautifull, but basically all scenes involving large armies were in 3D, and a little worse than what we saw in the anime so far. So to be really sincere, this 1st chap was a little better than i expected. If they mantain this quality, it’s gonna be ok, just not the best seller that the manga is.

  • Street Fighter V Censored: “We Want to Keep it T-Rated!”:
    Maybe in capcom-people head the T-rate will give it more visibility, as it will give green-light to display the game in front window of stores everywhere. But i think old fans will know about it and buy even with 0 visibility, and the majority of new people will grap a cheaper digital copy in pc/psn…

  • Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt PV Suits Up:
    looking awesome

  • Binan Boueibu Love: “Mahou Shonen?”:
    originality? But it’s just like saint seiya :)


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