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Americans don’t even want religion (christanity) in the land anymore yet 95% of the country’s super morality complex comes from christanity fundementals.

In Japan there is no screaming priest saying ur going to hell if u watch anime, or if same sex genders kiss.

In America there are screaming priests and soccer mommies saying ur going to hell if u watch anime, and the religious hypocrites scream if same sex genders kiss.

Atleast in Japan u can go about ur business really without being hassled by some stupid christian priest that wants to promote fear and ignorance in the country. Which is why America is attacking manga and anime now.

Because of the religious dictatorship and influence in the American Country in politics and social-life.

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    It’s not hard to find hentai without any of the listed, even if they are the majority. Vanilla, Yuri, Reverse-Rape/Femdom (girl raping guy), Harem, Futa and Monster Girl are just a few that will work, and there’s plenty out there. I’d say these genre of hentai make up the other 10%. I’m also not opposed to getting a hentai that might have something that turns me off so long as it has a few scenes I find to be okay. It’s easy to skip a scene I find unappealing.

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    No! Slutty Sherryl is better. And she has boobs too.

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    ( . )( . ) ( . )( . )

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    pee pee motherfucker


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