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Like you said, “Few”
I would be heartbroken if someone (no matter who) wrecked my car though. The price of a super low end car here is enough to buy a BMW overseas. Just sayin’.

Although I have to agree that destroying a perfectly good NDS is kinda stupid. She could’ve just sold them or sth.

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  • Nene Smashing Wedding “Amounts To Bullying The Groom”:
    >Do you know the words “sarcasm” or “joke”? Half of the people here say these things just for the hell of it Why say things that you don’t mean over and over again then? Also, yes, it’s quite ridiculous of her to do that to her husband. She could’ve just chucked the memory cards away. I’m just saying I can understand how the bride feels though. Also, talking to someone doesn’t even work half the time. He could promise her to stop, but would he really?

  • Nene Smashing Wedding “Amounts To Bullying The Groom”:
    Yeah, I bet you’d be really thrilled to have a girfriend/wife who’s really attached to a 2D guy and faps to him everyday. He’s getting married, going to build a new life and family with his wife already. I don’t see any reason for him to continue keeping his 2D harem.

  • Nene Smashing Wedding “Amounts To Bullying The Groom”:
    What makes you think that she can’t buy things for herself?

  • Nene Smashing Wedding “Amounts To Bullying The Groom”:
    >It also means she has ISSUES if she’s getting jelly at a piece of electronics to the point where she makes a show of destroying it at her wedding. This is a guy that she loves and MARRIED. Women want to be the only one, 2D or not. And the comments I read here about women are just… disappointing.. “3D women are pigs”, “They’re just money sucking bitches” etcetc. Also, it might interest you to know that in asian culture (for me at least) it’s very common for grooms to go through several …

  • Nene Smashing Wedding “Amounts To Bullying The Groom”:
    C’mon, this guy is getting married already. Shouldn’t he man the fuck up already? Also, I really love anime/manga but if I ever find my boyfriend/husband getting emotionally attached to some 2D chick then I’m definitely leaving him.


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