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Don´t forget the poor woman who commented that a High School girl looked like an Elementary School girl….

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  • Mikakunin BD Loli Moe Mania:
    Without the “boring guy” this show wouldn’t have existed. He is the main character after all :)

  • Mikakunin BD Loli Moe Mania:
    Same for me, Mashiro herself was more than enough, and now they put in a loli Kobeni. I will need a blood transfusion after this…

  • Top 50 Classic Anime:
    Yeah, together with Gundam it was the Anime that revolutionized the mecha genre… It should have at least been on the list.

  • Top 50 Classic Anime:
    But it STARTED in 1999, so it fit the criteria it seems. But i agree with you, i wouldn’t call it a classic.

  • Top 50 Classic Anime:
    Can´t be on the list since it´s from 1960-1999. And that one is just a total rip-off from Ucky Star, and worse…


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