Nene Smashing Wedding “Amounts To Bullying The Groom”



An otaku wedding where the bride arranged for the surprise destruction of her new husband’s (ex) virtual girlfriend Nene by ceremonially smashing the memory card with a mallet has prompted a wave of disgusted criticism online, with even non-Love Plus fans decrying it as “bullying” and “tasteless.”

The wedding, involving Comiket staff, was unusual in that Love Plus virtual girlfriend Nene Anegasaki was provided a seat and invitation (usually she is the one being married), and soon played a part in the proceedings – with the bride having planned “her” symbolic destruction by having the groom join her in smashing her memory card with a mallet.


Onlookers commented that “they hit her three times, and he looked as if he was going to cry!”

Thanks to being attended heavily by Comiket staff and the editor of Young King Ours, the scene was photographed and soon circulated widely on Twitter.

There the event soon proved controversial – criticism ranges from the sheer tastelessness of hammering poor Nene in the first place, to the unfairness of forcing the groom to go along with it amounting to little more than emotional abuse:

“Even if he wanted this, this cannot have been pleasant to watch for the guests.”

“I don’t play Love Plus, but I don’t think this is funny at all.”

“Can’t you just reset instead?”

“Physical destruction just seems excessive, and cruel.”

“This is like attempting to obliterate all memory of his former girlfriends from his life for the sake of the marriage. I’m not gamer but I wouldn’t want to be shackled so severely in a marriage.”

“I don’t think the stuff about Nene matters – but destroying something at a marriage is totally incomprehensible.”

“I can’t imagine the man taking this well even if he went along with it happily at the time.”

“Expect them to be divorced in a few years.”

“Imagine the kind of woman who could come up with something like this…”

“There is no problem destroying a ROM, but the real issue here is planning this surprise out without his knowledge, then forcing him to go along with it in an event where he could hardly refuse. Isn’t it just bullying?”

“This is bullying – planning it all out and executing it in a place he had no choice but to go along with it, disgusting.”

“If a man did this to his wife it would be treated as domestic violence…”

“This is utterly tasteless, though I suppose you might expect this from Comiket staff. Destroying someone’s things at a wedding is just grotesque.”

“Putting it all on Twitter too is pretty questionable. I guess Comiket staff just have no common sense.”

“You’d think Comiket staff would ahave a bit more respect for other people’s creations.”

“Poor Konami – I wonder how they feel about this.”

“Giving Nene a seat at the wedding for this was just harsh.”

“Even if he went along with it, this is horrible. If it were me, I’d have divorced her on the spot.”

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