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Where all the cute friendly guys are.

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  • Otaku Celebrate Chihaya Kisaragi’s Birthday:
    Hmm, I don’t see F-15E -Chihaya- from AC6/ACAH/ACI…

  • Gokou Ruri Virgin-Killing Cosplay:
    The material choice for this outfit makes no sense. The form is intended to by worn in warm environment, but wool is uncomfortable to wear in warm environment (unless you like to sweat a lot). Cotton would make much more sense.

  • Gokou Ruri Virgin-Killing Cosplay:
    The fourth or fifth shot shows back. I’m more disappointed that there’s not more hint of nipple.

  • Dragon Ball Super “What Happened to Gohan”:
    his face looks more like vegeta’s

  • Zelda: Breath of The Wild Day 1 DLC – “Not Nintendo Too!”:
    Anon 22:31 if anyone where to kill himself for stupidity you could start with yourself maybe… you WILL need storage on the Switch since you will need space for updates and they will come at day 1, the cards cant take anything more than whats on em. DLC’s? needs extra storage that too. the 32GB you start with is nothing and adding something decent would set you back at least 100$ want to play it on an TV and not use the awful controller that follows with it its an another 100$ (the original …


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