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That part would have been cool, but it’s not that important other than explaining that there’s a really powerful sword called Excaliber there. When it appears later on they can just drop a sentence “It’s the most powerful sword!” and be done with it.

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  • Top 20 Anime Songs with Female Vocals:
    At this point I can only assume that voting Only my railgun on any anisong list is some kind of troll meme in Japan.

  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions DLC Tamer Than Ever:
    “Why shouldn’t it count?” Because the Wii U is equivalent to PS3 aka “last gen”. Nintendo is just late with releasing competing hardware. It’s last gen’s afterbirth.

  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions DLC Tamer Than Ever:
    Don’t be an idiot. This game is not the only game ever to come out of Japan. For a long time now, japanese companies that dare to release in the west make more money with english versions than with japanese. The problem lies solely with companies led by old people like nintendo and sega. Even Bamco is now starting to produce english versions of Super Robot Wars (albeit released as SE Asia versions but whatever). No one will stop western releases anymore. Censoring has to be boycotted.

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    To erect and serve!

  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions DLC Tamer Than Ever:
    Wii U counts as “this” gen?


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