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That part would have been cool, but it’s not that important other than explaining that there’s a really powerful sword called Excaliber there. When it appears later on they can just drop a sentence “It’s the most powerful sword!” and be done with it.

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  • Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet “A 3rd Person Shooter!”:
    If 90% of people say the game is “boring, 5/10”, there is a good chance the 10% saying “it’s the best game ever 10/10” are the biased ones. If you want to spend time playing a mediocre game, that’s alright. Maybe it’s because of waifus. Let it be said, that waifu hunting was terrible in previous games. Maybe it’s because of open-world monster killing gameplay. Let it be said that that was terrible in previous games (unless you attacked bosses 30+ levels above you, then it was a bit challenging) …

  • Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet “A 3rd Person Shooter!”:
    Friendly reminder that the other SAO games were 5s and 6s out of 10 and the last one had the gall to sell the actual ending in three separate DLCs.

  • Nintendo Switch Portability “Barely Used”:
    Stupid poll, Nintendo. The REAL question is do you use your switch at home in docked mode or not. In docked mode it’s just an underpowered console with one good game. In portable mode it’s an overpowered handheld handicapped by low battery life and terrible game design using a multitude of peripherals.

  • Marvelous Katou Megumi Bikini Figure:
    No ponytail? Goddamn.

  • Minase Iori Ero-Animation in Quite the Bind:
    I guess that’s where it goes after popping it?


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