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That part would have been cool, but it’s not that important other than explaining that there’s a really powerful sword called Excaliber there. When it appears later on they can just drop a sentence “It’s the most powerful sword!” and be done with it.

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  • Iona Ero-Cosplay by Komugi Taking on Water:
    Random woman in Iona costume. Not saying anything about the woman, but the actualy cosPLAY is terrible.

  • GumKare Event Rotten To The Core:
    They really want you to blow them.

  • Yandere Simulator Gets Personal:
    Except they can’t. There is no big company behind this, no products to boycot, no headquarter to demonstrate in front of, no news channel will ever cover this (if they do, it will perhaps 1000x sales, so go ahead). It’s not against the law afaik to program a video game. Let SJWs rage, we drink their delicious tears. And I’m fairly certain that Steam would accept to sell this (they sell Hatred ffs).

  • Top 9 Anime of 2015, According to IGN:
    Usually you could argue that video game journalists have great experience with games, might offer indepth analysis and insights the average user wouldn’t think of. But this is IGN, so you are absolutely right.

  • Top 9 Anime of 2015, According to IGN:
    Ah, no wait. It would have been too much water.


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