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I’m probably the only person in the world who really, really dislikes Tony’s art and is unable to understand why everyone loves him so much.

Sure, the colors are nice and the girls are pretty, but every face and every body he draws is the same! Poses he chooses are often boring, too.

Mind you, I can’t draw better, but many people can – and most of them remain unrecognized, yet someone who probably copypastes a set of 5 different expressions on each character he draws is, for some reason, famous.

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    This is irrelevant since the entirety of the western world has no legal access to this godforsaken game. Sega needs to get their shit together.

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    Need more Nemesis.

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    Honestly it surprises me that the series can basically get away with doing the same shit in the same boring scenarios that they’ve already done a hundred times. How many tentacle creatures has the series gone through now? Even if I don’t care for Keijo I can at least respect it for being something different than what we usually see. That’s one of the reasons I liked Queen’s Blade as well. Sucks that stuff trying to be inventive like Keijo bombs hard sales wise in japan but To Love Ru can be as …

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    Kinda miss Fujiko-chan from Zettai Karen Children…She’s voice by Yukana, for god’s sake!

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    methinks this idiot took too much Asian opium and that’s why he got fired from mgs.


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