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Is your grammar this bad in your FIRST language?

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  • Usagi no Kimochi MV Utterly Incomprehensible:
    I agree. Good assessment.

  • Usagi no Kimochi MV Utterly Incomprehensible:
    I hardly think the comparison was necessary. If I were a Babymetal worshiper (and I just might be,) I’d even go as far as saying this is taking their name in vain. The reason Babymetal is successful is because it’s good. Kobametal rules!!

  • PS4 Hits 10 Million:
    Wait… PC is the Master Race because of which games? (or should I say, WHAT games?)

  • Working!! Nets 3rd Season:
    I agree. Great show all around, but Yamada makes it that much better.

  • Top 10 Anime Masterpieces You Can Watch Over & Over:
    Limiting to 10 and not limiting the mention of ghibli films is pretty much limiting the poll. (Is there any limiting to the use of the word limiting?) Like just group them all into one (because they’re all re-watchable for the most part) or say, “top 10 non-ghibli.” …and yeah.. Yu Yu Haku-what? Never friggin’ heard of it.


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