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Just watch it if you want to find out…

If you watched it and still didn’t get it, then you’re a moron.

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  • Monster Musume English Dub “Monstrous Indeed”:
    There was a time when ADV Films(Now Sentai Filmworks) were the largest anime company in the United States and Funimation were a niche little company slowly growing with the expanding Dragon Ball Z sales. Poor management allowed ADV films to collapse and Funimation to take its place.

  • Yet Another Final Fantasy XIV Documentary Emerges:
    they should make a documentary about the phantasy star online series start by interviewing the devs about classic pso, dreamcast through gamecube and xbox versions to blue burst. then move into the mistakes of phantasy star universe which would be interesting to hear from a developer’s perspective. the improvements of phantasy star portable 2. and finish with the success of phantasy star online 2. and maybe shed some light on the mysterious hold up of the announced but still not officially …

  • Yet Another Final Fantasy XIV Documentary Emerges:
    FFXIV was a costly disaster for Square Enix. They’ve likely spent 10s of millions of dollars getting the game to a playable state aka Realm Reborn. All because they got greedy and released a half arsed game. Anyone around during the release window of FFXIV would agree. Credit to them for allowing people to play for free during the interim period, but that alone would have people thinking twice before buying another FF online game at launch.

  • Monster Musume English Dub “Monstrous Indeed”:
    Google “undub”, thank me later.

  • Monster Musume English Dub “Monstrous Indeed”:
    He is right though


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