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Pretty much..

“Hey baby, let’s ride my bicycle”


“Hey baby doll, the bus comes in 40 minutes, let’s sit here next to the 70 year old elderly lady that looks like she thinks we’re going to rob her”

Don’t work..

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    I can understand how stuff like Taimanin Arena does it with hentai from popular artists so often, but I still wonder what the draw is for the other ones..

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    It’s not “so bad” really which is saying a lot with how bad h-anime has been lately. Mary Jane is kind of odd with their 12-15 minute movies (this ones like 12-13 mins if you cut the credits and the like) and they’ve had some huge disappointments like Brandish. But they’ve also done some decent/good ones…

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    Meanwhile Sega is shutting down all their offices, firing half their staff, and committing to the PC market. They’re suffering so much that it looks like Atlus might take a hit next also.

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    The real question is if the animation is done in something like adobe after effects again.. Like last time, the screenshots gave you a lot of hope after the queen bee crap. But once you actually watched the video you realized how half assed the animation was sadly.


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