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Man, I hate fucking Cel Shading CGI they doing. Least this was more 2D and wow, it looked AWESOME.
It looked like Femto’s outfit was missing the incredible texture Kentaro Miura-sama drew. Which looks incredibly and like a H.R Giger piece. In this it looked just black? Saw no Wylad.

Cel Shaded is a shit style for 3D and just a bullshit attempt to appease people that whine about 3D. “Oh if it looks 2D it all good”. NO because cel shading actually loses detail in the lighting and actually present less detail, due to issues with shading etc. Combined with the animation usually sucking. Seriously how hard is it for Japanese animators to animate 3d properly? You do it in a lot of games, but do a lot of motion capture in those. Wonder why. Whenever I see the Cel shaded stuff in Animes, it stands out so much and the animation sucks in comparison to the 2D.

The CGI should look like Advent Children and have the animation quality of Studio Ghibli. Even the great visuals of Advent Children. Suffered issues of weight portrayal in the animation. Same with Resident Evil CGI movie. Seriously what is with Leon’s run and walk in it? Your arms MOVE when you run as a balance, but in the movie just looked like Biped walk in Max. Lack of weight makes everything look all fake.

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