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And by “current arc” I mean the Fantasia arc, not the Golden Age.

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  • Sega Hard Girls Nets Anime:
    Moe is not quality. It’s a lack there of. It’s the equivalent of taking a rusty spoon and painting over the rust. Simpletons are distracted by the glitter while everyone else can see that it’s just a piece of crap with a new paint job.

  • Sega Hard Girls Nets Anime:
    I like how people immediately jump into “Oh you don’t like moe? LOLOL FAGGOT”. Funny how warped someone becomes the moment they don’t like trashy moe characters with no depth.

  • Sega Hard Girls Nets Anime:
    Great, more moe trash.

  • Top 10 BL Anime:
    Wing and Seed don’t beat… DESTINY. Holy shit was that the gayest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Top 10 BL Anime:
    You forgot Gundam Seed. There has never been more boy love in a gundam series.


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