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She has spoken only one sentence as Alisa in Girls und Panzer. I wish to hear more from her in that role in my favorite anime this season!

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    When there is no humans anymore.

  • Top 20 Anime “Too Hot” For TV:
    You have no life? Not even a slice?

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    Tottemo tottemo kawaii! Can there be cuter loli cosplay than this?

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    Sorry, instead of “retreated” it should read “retracted”.

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    I am definitely not a pedo either, but i like Youjo Senki for other reasons. It`s historical speculative view of different WW1 is interesting with it`s alternative timeframe and development of technology plus addition of magically boosted weapons. And alternative timetable of how countries entered and retreated to participate in fighting. To ep.11 British have not really included themselves into action yet. In Tanyas world there would not have been any hitler either. Imperial Germania would …


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