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Because she is unwanted she is being avoided by the plague by studios (ANIME STUDIOS).

Unless uts small supporting roles in which she wont do much damage or noone will care much,

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  • China “Arrests 20 Fujoshi Over BL”:
    My response is gone, Srry if I spam. So, I disagreed with the guy cuz I said I don’t agree on hating on the PEOPLE. I never said I disagree that BL is bad. That’s a different matter.. You’re talking shiz about Fujoshi otaku saying they probably have no lives, don’t contribute to the world/society, Spend 24/7 in their homes, No jobs.. Dude. Just what do you know about these people? You don’t even know if they’re dedicated to it or just spending some free time on it. And besides, Are YOU …

  • Top 20 Anime of Spring 2014 So Far, According to Sony:
    Aren’t you the one who impose your own ideas, my anonymous anon@15:26?

  • China “Arrests 20 Fujoshi Over BL”:
    sounds like your friend is a bit of an idiot, getting so traumatized over finding porn on the internet….

  • China “Arrests 20 Fujoshi Over BL”:
    Hazaahh Tolerance has prevailed….

  • China “Arrests 20 Fujoshi Over BL”:
    BL means Boys Love. it’s like Yaoi or whatever.. should be obvious to understand once you read ‘Boys Love’ tho.


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