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What the hell, those games were so boring, it wasn’t funny. If the setting would not have been so unique, it would have failed spectacularly. GU wasn’t much better, it was unneccessarily drawn out, but the characters were more detailed.

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    Hahaha, I already have and am fully prepared to suffer for the rest of my life. But the deal was worth it.

  • Blizzard Purging All Overwatch Porn:
    I love how Blizzard apparently has some people in their law&copyright division that have to watch porn all day and check if there is any infringement. Can I get that job?

  • Mayoiga Revisits The Past:
    Tried to watch this episode, couldn’t bear it after 3 minutes. 1) Who builds a tunnel with only 1 lane? 2) Why is that one guy falling BACKWARDS when the bus suddenly stopped? Are the animators on drugs? Have they never ever been inside a motorized vehicle? This is what 1 guy with no experience can see after one pass while watching with half his mind elsewhere. And these guys call themselves professionals?

  • Chinese Detergent CM “Horribly Racist!”:
    Because he is being oppressed of course. Non-black people giving black people jobs is slavery. And non-black people giving black people no jobs is racism. Indeed, the only course of action here is giving all our money to black people as reparations.

  • Mayoiga Revisits The Past:
    The only reasonable answer is no.


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