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Drawn figures is one thing, but this shit is out of line.

Unless they are all 20 something women with dwarf syndrome, many people including myself would have preferred not to see this.

Another reason to kill some chinese.

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  • Higurashi Himatsubushi Sleuths About:
    No puppet

  • Berserk BD “Now With Nipples & Less 3D CG!”:
    Yes, thanks for the correction English isn’t my native language. One thing is for sure, That they are afraid of the 2nd season being a flop and they only trying to sell the series on nudity and gore and less about the story itself.

  • The Nintendo Switch Unveiled:
    I’d rather they not do that… Even though I own multiple consoles, I honestly have more respect for nintendo than those other two… they’ve really become way more of the big-ass, faceless, heartless, mcdonalds-like corporations than Nintendo ever has. And I find their hardware to be way more reliable than the other two’s on average.

  • The Nintendo Switch Unveiled:
    i thought i was the one being humorous… and any comments about prefering little girls over adult girls is actually more likely to get upvoted around here

  • Top 20 Anime Songs Sung by Women From 2000:
    I agree but be careful saying that around here… its no longer cool to both be sexually attracted to women and also see them as human beings anymore.


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