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Really? None of you are going to bring up Washu’s parental issues?

On another note, perhaps because everyone in the Tenchi multiverse lives such ridiculously long lifespans, pretty much every girl is related to Tenchi by a rather short degree (perhaps the shortest of which, aside from his brocon full-blooded sister, are Aeka and Sasami, his great aunts). So yeah, incest abound.

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    This is true. The sad thing is that people were begging them to pick up Little Busters! for years but they never got around to it. Though, KyoAni doesn’t seem to get near as much attention now as they did in the years following their mega success of Haruhi. I think they killed most of their credibility with the Endless Eight fiasco. Not to mention that while their highly detailed animation techniques were quite a feat back in the day, it hardly seems all that special given the general quality …

  • Seiyuu Shirakawa Sumiko Passes Away:
    I stand corrected; looking at her Japanese wiki entry (rather than her pitifully short English entry), it seems that she DID branch out to quite a number of roles early on in her career. However, it seems that once the ’70s were over, she began to restrict herself strictly to Doraemon and Sazae-san.

  • Seiyuu Shirakawa Sumiko Passes Away:
    Agreed that the author’s choice of words are a little off. She may’ve had a long-running career in two shows that are widely popular in Japan, yet those same two shows seem to get surprisingly little recognition outside of Japan (even among otaku, oddly), and she never exactly branched out to a variety of other roles in all this time either (unlike most seiyuu who DO get more recognition internationally). Hell, I probably wouldn’t have even heard her myself if not for the fact that she makes a …

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    Oh thank god, someone else out there thinks that Clannad is overrated as hell. Seriously, it’s like everyone who talks about it forget that Air and Kanon existed (both far superior series). Also, fuck that reset button ending.

  • Top 10 Best Anime, According to Anikore:
    I don’t mind Code Geass on there. I DO, however, mind that both Code Geass and Code Geass R2 are counted as separate entries. Fuck that, they should both count as the same thing. Also, Madoka is on the full list. However, it ties for 18th place along with three other series: Scientific Railgun, Hyouka, and Gurren Lagann. And just to add salt in the wound, it’s two places below Sword Art Online (16th).


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