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Really? None of you are going to bring up Washu’s parental issues?

On another note, perhaps because everyone in the Tenchi multiverse lives such ridiculously long lifespans, pretty much every girl is related to Tenchi by a rather short degree (perhaps the shortest of which, aside from his brocon full-blooded sister, are Aeka and Sasami, his great aunts). So yeah, incest abound.

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  • Vocaloid Artist Samfree Passes On:
    Same, though honestly, I’m more accustomed to Nana Mitani’s cover than the Samfree original. Still, really sucks to see the guy behind it pass on. Always been one of my favorite Vocaloid songs.

  • Youkai Watch Opening Dub “More Faithful Than Feared!”:
    While I question all the whitewashing (here’s Nate, an average American kid in an average American town full of…. Japanese mythological spirits; granted, this is on Nintendo of America’s hand moreso than Disney), I can’t help complimenting them on the fact that they at least tried to keep the opening faithful to the original (and unless they pull a DiC SailorMoon on us, I can expect all the background music intact as well). Some people nowadays have no fucking clue how bad broadcast dubs were …

  • Top 10 Anime That Most Need A Game:
    So in other words, a Senran Kagura clone?

  • Top 10 Anime That Most Need A Game:
    DxD already has a game on the 3DS (a visual novel, I think). There’s also one on the Vita, but it’s one of those free-to-play mobile-imitations, so yeah.

  • Top 10 Anime That Most Need A Game:
    You know, as much as I wasn’t fond of the series, I did think the final episode of Blassreiter presented an interesting possibility for a video game. I don’t know why this “transform into previously killed-off mains” mechanic suddenly came out of nowhere and only for the finale, but dammit, it seems like it’d be interesting to play with in game form.


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